Consumer Experience Map

GO Transit is one the most developed inter-regional public transit systems in the world, which primarily serves the Greater Toronto Area. In 2013, GO carried 65 million passengers and the ridership continues to grow.

To increase customer satisfaction among its riders, GO Transit has been brainstorming to identify the ways by which they could improve the lives of their riders while remaining a profitable service organization.

BrainMustard partnered with GO Transit and conducted comprehensive research to identify the latent and unmet needs of GO riders and understand the customers’ journey holistically - before, during and after the trip.

The study consisted of a thorough psychographic customer segmentation which resulted in development of detailed and comprehensive personas for each segment.

The result of this research was captured in a twelve-foot long customer experience map with 200+ touch points, which reflected the complex dynamics between various touch points and customer interactions.

Incorporating the insights and findings from the customer experience map, GO Transit has taken new initiatives which will enrich the experience of the riders while increasing the non-fare revenue for GO Transit.