Consumer Experience Map

McKesson Corporation is one the most prominent distributing pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and care management tools in the world. McKesson has greatly improved the quality of patient care in North America for over a century.

With the acquisition of I.D.A. and Guardian drug store chains, McKesson acquired a portfolio of retail banners and for the first time in its history, sought to engage directly with consumers through retail presence.

BrainMustard conducted comprehensive research to understand the consumer mindset and product associations to identify and explore the latent and unmet needs and key drivers of emerging consumer segments such as LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability) in Canadian market.

The study consisted of various psychographic and demographic segmentation exercises and comprehensive customer experience maps depicting the experience of customers inside and outside pharmacies.

The result of this research has been incorporated in the design and distribution of atoma™ and diem™ private labels targeting two distinct segments of the consumer market.

The customer experience maps enabled McKesson to re-design the experience inside and outside the stores to establish and promote the much-needed trust between the pharmacists and the consumers.

Just under six months, McKesson offered over 700 SKUs of these brands across a wide range of packaging formats, and the retail prescription is earning McKesson a permanent place in medicine cabinets across the country.