How we might help?

We partner with you to study, identify and develop new market opportunities and monitor trends of interest that are aligned with your existing strategies, core competencies, and business priorities.

And more importantly, we care about your business objectives. We don't finish until you ship your new product, successfully close the sales pitch, or build a comprehensive model for your consumer market. We consider your journey one with ours - and our work is not completed until you successfully arrive at your destination.

We deliver the insights and intelligence as a result of listening, segmenting, understanding, and visualizing the Internet Chatter. We create semantic maps to find new market opportunities, untapped segments, and brand associations. We are experts in designing customer experience maps, path to purchase maps, and social influence graphs.

And best of all is that you do not have to worry about technology. Your company does not need to choose between learning all social media theories, science, and technologies and using an over-simplified dashboard to measure some non-actionable non-revenue-generating index.

We deliver what matters to you.